Born and raised in rural Canada, Amber Block has fed her appetite for beauty and creativity with the elements at hand. Formal art instruction was not available, and experimentation cured any potential boredom.  As a child, she spent hours making mud pies in her grandmother’s garden shed, and even made a pinch pot with drywall mud from her father’s construction leftovers.

Perhaps this is why Amber is not intimidated by materials, or confined by the boundaries of conventional art making.  Her paintings are often imbued with texture, blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture.  Her ceramic work is intuitive and hand built, with glaze layers that are often sponged, scraped and layered.  All of her work has a definite fingerprint of the maker.

Amber believes that art should be touched, used, lived with and loved.  She hopes that her work will find a place in your heart and home.

2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Just saw a video by you posted by a friend with a horse mug for Flair. Can you give me the cost for a mug? Would like to have a mug styled for a friend and myself. Both would be horse related.

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